Tales of Berseria Releases 2017, New Characters, Skit System, & Battle Information

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Tales of Berseria
Tales of Berseria
Released: 2017
Format: PS4
Publisher: Bandai Namco
Developer: Bandai Namco
Tales of Berseria Releases 2017, New Characters, Skit System, & Battle Information

Bandai Namco have announced that Tales of Berseria releases in 2017 in Europe, so if you were hoping to be setting out on a new Tales adventure this year then you’ll have to wait just a little longer. But they’ve also announced a bunch of juicy new information.



There’s some new information on two new playable characters. Eizen, AKA “The Reaper”, was the skipper of the legendary pirate Aifread, and is now journeying in search of him. That’s how he runs into Velvet, and ends up throwing in with her.



Eizen’s a tiny bit of a handsome chap, too.


Eleanor, on the other hand, starts out defending The Abbey from Velvet, but they’ll eventually end up having to team up with one another. She “tries to be reasonable as much as possible but she can sometimes be overcome by emotion, because she is honest with a great compassion for others”.




Tales‘ popular skit system is, as you would expect, returning in Tales of Berseria. But it seems like once again it’s been updated. This is the system where your party can have a conversation with one another about things they come across. New to Tales of Berseria are “cut-in” effects “where character illustrations are inserted in various ways depending on their conversation. Sometimes a skit describes a single character’s facial expression, sometimes it shows a conversation among multiple characters. Expressions really change depending on the cut.”




Bandai Namco have also detailed the new Switch Blast system, new to battles.


With “Switch Blast”, players can switch characters during battles and choose a back-up character to replace one character in the battle. The back-up character has one more soul than usual when he joins a battle. If players lose some “Soul”, for example when they are inflicted by a status ailment, players can overcome this danger by using the Switch Blast. Each character has a unique attack when he joins the battle via the Switch Blast.



We really enjoyed Tales of Zestiria, so we’re looking forward to this.

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