Tokyo Marble Chocolate Review (Anime)

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Tokyo Marble Chocolate Review (Anime)

You might’ve never heard of Tokyo Marble Chocolate before and that’s fine – I hadn’t either until Anime Limited announced their plans to release it across the UK. A pair of OVAs that clock in at roughly fifty minutes total, Tokyo Marble Chocolate is a brief, sweet tale of young love.


I was rooting for these two idiots to get together as they’ve both had bad experiences in relationships before, and struggle being with another person despite their wanting to be. When Yuudai and Chizuru start dating, they’re unable to tell each other how they really feel about of fear of being hurt again, which leads to pain regardless. Yuudai in particular has a hard time and decides to announce his feelings on the day that Chizuru is thinking of breaking up with him, but a series of misunderstandings makes it even more difficult. Will they end up staying by eachothers side, or will they break up? It’s a little under an hour of a riveting relationship that I was invested in, and one that I feel many will be able to relate to in some way.


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Entirely captivating.

The story focuses almost solely on these two although another couple of characters show up – who act as obstacles that the leading pair need to overcome – and a colourful mini donkey. This donkey is both cute and ugly, but thankfully it didn’t annoy me the way that I thought it might do. I feel like Tokyo Marble Chocolate could have told the same story without the donkey but I grew rather fond of it by the time the credits rolled. The plan was for Yuudai to buy Chizuru a rabbit but the pet store gave him a donkey by accident, although it’s a bit odd to buy your girlfriend a rabbit out of the blue too, I think. Seriously though, get a look at this bloody small donkey!


I have conflicted emotions about whether or not this donkey is cute.

I have conflicted emotions about whether or not this donkey is cute.

Production I.G have had experience in the past working on more human, grounded stories such as Usagi Drop, and Tokyo Marble Chocolate is one of my favourite works of theirs yet. A soft and pleasingly unique art style fits the youthful tone of the story and the characters innocent attempts at love, and it holds up incredibly well even a decade later. I’d love to see more works in this style as its visuals gripped me instantly and despite being only fifty or so minutes long, it manages to be one of the most beautiful anime I’ve seen — honestly, it’s entirely captivating and Production I.Gs ability to animate so fluidly is impressive. The Japanese voice-over is lovely and emotive with it sounding entirely natural, and I have no faults with it. Everything blends together to bring a level of realism to Tokyo Marble Chocolate and its simply amazing.


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Tokyo Marble Chocolate tells a simple, relatable love story in a unique, engaging way.

Tokyo Marble Chocolate is a wonderful OVA and I’m happy that Anime Limited brought it over, otherwise I likely would never have watched it. Part bittersweet, touching and hopeful, Tokyo Marble Chocolate tells a simple, relatable love story in a unique, engaging way. With two episodes, each episode is from the perspective of Yuudai and Chizuru, and how they come together is perfect. Although I’d like to see more, I do think it wrapped up well and makes for a great standalone piece, and one that I’ll happily watch again and again.

4.5 Stars