My Top 11 Husbandos in Fire Emblem

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My Top 11 Husbandos in Fire Emblem

I was wondering on what sort of article I wanted to do as my first proper editorial for Rice Digital, and all I kept coming back to was husbandos. I wanted to do something to show a little love for all the anime guys out there doing their best, so I stumbled upon this, my top 11 Fire Emblem Husbandos. Let’s just get started shall we?


#11. Chrom (Awakening)

I wasn’t going to put Chrom in this list. Although he is a more than passable protagonist, I found him to be mostly bland in comparison to many of the other male characters in Awakening (two of which are in this list later). However, he does have a lot of the traits that make a great husbando. He’s brave, protective, singularly committed to his goals, and (despite being royalty) is one of the people. But why is he here, taking up the precious 11th Place when there are copious amounts of other great husbandos in the series?? It’s “that” Spring outfit for Fire Emblem: Heroes. I love the sheer, unnecessary cuteness of it and those silly little Easter Bunny ears, so shoot me.


#10. Cain (Thracia 776)

No list of Fire Emblem would be complete without a nod to Thracia 776, and Cain is easily the best husbando in that game. Being a young knight of Leonster, and being in the Fire Emblem series, he is mostly completely poorly dressed for this, but his more folksy look makes him unbelievably endearing. He has no speaking lines in the game, but he is described as being serious and reticent type, making him one of those heralded “strong and silent” guys. His husbando status is based mostly on his looks, hence his lower placement on this list, but I can’t help but love his messy hair and simple design.


#09. Niles (Fates)

There is little hotter than an anime guy with an eyepatch. Call it weird (because, face it, it most definitely is), but it’s almost definitely true. In a game without much in terms of decent characterisation, or writing, or plot, the tousled grey-haired outlaw is an absolute breath of fresh air. Acting as a bodyguard of sorts for Leo, the one of the Princes of Nohr, Niles is callous and sadistic, taking immense pleasure from the suffering of his enemies. Although this doesn’t exactly place him as ideal husbando material, we see a softer side in his relationship with his daughter, in which he desires a better life for her than he led himself. 


#08. Tibarn (Radiant Dawn)

I know he has wings, but bear with me on this one. From an aesthetic standpoint, Tibarn is a tall, dark and stoic figure with a penchant for a rugged, scarred, and almost Captain Jack Sparrow pirate look. In the Radiant series, he stands as one of the Laguz Royalty and, being King of the Hawk Clan of Phoenicis, his often-aggressive stance against his enemies and his fierce protective nature for his own kind and the Heron clan places him as the perfect husbando to foster a safe, protected home. That and he can fly, which would trim hours off of any commutes I might have, and I do love a good multi-functional husbando.


#07. Python (Gaiden/Echoes: Shadows of Valentia)

Beginning what will become a bit of a theme going forward, in which coloured hair might determine a guys inherent hotness in my eyes, Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is a goldmine of beautiful colour palettes. Python and his incredible blue colouring, topped with a shock of deep blue hair, appears in the Alm side of the story and won me over with his more laid back and cynical personality in comparison to others from the Deliverance. Although he doesn’t appear to be so, he is actually very diligent, and could go far if only he saw the point in doing so. A beautiful husbando, despite his cynicism, and one who would be thrilled with a love affair judging by how excited he gets by such talk in Echoes.


#06. Sothe (Radiant Dawn)

I have a soft spot for protective figures in Fire Emblem, and it is rarely seen as strongly as with Sothe in Radiant Dawn. The scruffy, un-smiling rogue truly comes into his own after the events of the Mad King’s War with his close relationship with Micaiah being a primary focus in the first act of the narrative. Furthermore, he is described as having an adoration of Ike for what he achieved during the aforementioned war, which adds additional points to his score. Sothe is a great husbando simply for the lengths he will go to protect those he cares about; also, that messy long green hair just slays me.


#05. Ephraim (The Sacred Stones)

This wouldn’t be a list of prime husbandos without a prince on it somewhere now would it? Ephraim is the Crown Prince of Renais and one of the protagonists of The Sacred Stones. He is a mature individual, despite his age, and known for his prowess in battle and his bravery. His appearance falls in the region of a slender, lightly-armoured knight with messy teal-coloured hair that matches segments of his armour, because that aesthetic, which debatably places him within the “typical male protagonist” camp. However, he displays traits of overconfidence, bluntness and aloofness, which humanise him making him a far more well-rounded protagonist than most in the series and placing him in the upper tier of Fire Emblem husbandos.


#04. Lon’qu (Awakening)

When I started this list, Lon’qu was far closer to the top. Lon’qu is straight-laced and calm, with a very direct way of talking. His upbringing and trauma in his past make him a more flawed and sensitive figure than most of the characters on this list, but his skills are recognised by many of the others in Awakening. Being one of the few on this list with natural-coloured hair gives him a real standout quality and his aloof expression matches his narrative. Lon’qu is close to being the prime husbando of Awakening, and does so with a fraction of the effort put in. Also, apparently he is great at peeling potatoes, a household task that I really can’t stand, which is great.


#03. Gaius (Awakening)

Who doesn’t enjoy the occasional sweet? They’re often satisfying, tasty and just a little naughty. Now, Gaius doesn’t just enjoy the sweeter things in life, he LOVES them, and with a passion that borders on the indecent. As a unit in Awakening, Gaius is a thief but one with a lot of morals placing him on a very “heart of gold” sort of wavelength. He would make a fantastic, but very fattening, husbando whose passion and calm disposition would make for a fun home. Plus, he is supposedly great with his hands, good at making various trinkets and doing housework.


#02. Lukas (Gaiden/Echoes: Shadows of Valentia)

Another character with coloured hair. However, a very easy thing to remember about me is that I have a thing for redheads, especially those with dyed vivid red hair, so enter Lukas, the halberd-wielding knight of the Deliverance in Gaiden/Echoes. Lukas is a caring character, gently guiding Alm throughout his campaign, rarely angry and almost always composed to the point of being a little cold. However, his dry sense of humour and how well presented he is easily take the edge off this coldness. Lukas is a great husbando if only for his intense sense of loyalty, of which his looks and other aspects of his demeanour only add to.


#01. Hinata (Fates)

Unlike a lot of people I speak to, I quite enjoyed Fire Emblem: Fates, but I’d be lying if I denied that a large portion of this was owing to Hinata. One of the units of the Hoshido side of the story; the gently scarred, plucky samurai made me feel genuinely gutted that I couldn’t romance him as I had a male avatar in the Birthright playthrough. His cheerful and sympathetic nature, coupled with his dedication to improving himself makes for an uplifting and reliable companion. Although not the most fierce or aggressive, his buoyant enthusiasm, slightly flawed good looks, and beautiful personality make him my ultimate husbando in Fire Emblem (and this has nothing to do with me being a bit of a sucker for a twink or anything).


So, that is my Top 11 Husbandos in Fire Emblem, but what are yours? Let me know on Twitter right here, post a comment here, reply on Twitter, comment on Facebook, or scream them at me next time you see me. Until next time.