Vatican Miracle Examiner Anime Adaptation Announced

on November 14, 2016 by

Vatican Miracle Examiner Anime Adaptation Announced

Rin Fujiki’s mystery novel series, Vatican Miracle Examiner, will be getting an anime adaptation! No further details have been given on when it will air, but it’s a series with a really interesting concept!




Published under Kadokawa’s Horror Bunko label, Vatican Miracle Examiner currently consists of 14 volumes, and features stunning cover art by THORES Shibamoto. Eiji Kaneda previously adapted the series into a manga, and a new manga adaptation by Anju Hino launched in September this year.


Vatican Miracle Examiner

The story follows Hiraga Josef Kō, a genius scientist partnered with cryptanalysis expert Robert Nicholas to work as Miracle Examiners for the Vatican. Together, they travel the world investigating the authenticity of alleged miracles.


I always welcome a good mystery series, and I’ll definitely be looking forward to this one!